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Hey Everyone,
My husband and I have become consultants with Shelf Reliance. We are very excited to help ourselves and others with their food storage and emergency preparedness! We will be posting recipes and everything we learn and know!

Please feel free to ask any questions!

My director is in California and we are here in Texas. A lot of the rest of our group is in Utah. It is neat to see how spread out this company is. I can't wait for other people to sign up so I can see more people getting their food storage.

What drew me into Shelf Reliance is that there is a thing called the Q, or the Thrive Q, because Thrive is the name of the food that they/(now us) offer. This is where I can put in how many people are in our family, make a list of what we want, what monthly budget we want to spend, and viola, the food shipped to your home and you don't have to think about it. This ensures that your food storage will grow. It will be like Christmas once a month as your new supplies arrive. You will be excited to open the products and try them out. It will be great to rotate these items into our everyday cooking. And that is what we plan to blog about. Our cooking, our parties as we meet others and help them and as we learn from other people. It's going to be great to have parties and cook with the Thrive foods, since cooking is one of our favorite things to do... along with eating.

So enjoy this blog, please come back often. We will definitely post when there are sales and other fun things going on with Shelf Reliance!!