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Dinner is in the Jar

Dinner is in the Jar is what inspired me to get my food storage re-vamped so that I was storing more than just wheat and rice! Now that I have other ingredients like freeze-dried veggies and meats, sour cream powder, chicken bullion, etc, I can have a meal stored in a jar and only need to add things such as water, or canned tomatoes. This is my inspiration to pass on to you and show you that now you can have a meal ready in minutes today or 20 years from now. Instead of having buckets of food storage, such as a bucket of green beans, and not feeling very inspired, you take those same green beans and split them out among already planned meals and then you don't have to worry about inspiration, but what meal sounds good that night. Then you get your nutrition and palate satisfied within minutes! Pictured here is chicken noodle soup and a vegetable lentil soup. Stay tuned as I will be adding more meals to this blog! 
PS. Notice how these jars could make a beautiful gift as well... Just sayin'! There is no reason NOT to have a meal in a jar!!